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What about the finches contains well written and  beautifully sung songs, that remind you of David Gray, Luka Bloom and Damien Rice…….

We recommend you listen to Greenville, Ballad for the mountain, Try and the beautiful The Horse Ride.

www.rootstime.be  , 05/ 2011 (VALSALM)


Music in its purest form. Melancholic songs with a warm sound.

Rif Raf, 06/2011 (BVM)


“What about the finches” contains ten extremely well written to brilliant songs, which get better each time you listen to them. This album can easily stand alongside the better work of Elliot Smith.

Let us hope this record will be picked up by RADIO 1.

Musicologen, 05/2011 (Camiel Declef)


The monotrol kid” live is an old school singer songwriter that reminds you of Elliot Smith and Nick Drake.

Local news website (21/10/2011)


‘The Whole Love’ from Wilco remains a masterpiece. And sorry, dEUS, Bruno Deneckere and others; the best, most beautiful, most attractive Belgian record of the year is called “ What About The Finches '” and is the small, fine masterpiece by The Monotrol Kid.

Musicologen, 09/2011 (RHZ)






I developed a taste for the musical exploits of the new young generation of Belgian singer songwriters. Besides these 3 fantastic Belgian records , Wild eyes(Flying Horsemen), tbc (Amatorski) and Eleanore (The Bony King of Nowhere) a fourth record has come to my attention, “What about the finches” by The monotrol kid. A beautiful, atmospheric, thought provoking autumnal record  with just a man and his guitar. Two hands full of well written songs that can easily stand alongside other records like “I see a darkness”(Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy) or “About to choke”(Vic Chesnutt). His voice, mood and phrasing reminded me immediately of Vic Chesnutt.  What about the finches” is one of the few Belgian masterpieces of  this young century.  A surprising new discovery from an unexpected place.


Musicologen, 09/2011 (RHZ)



Music in the tradition of the great singer songwriters as Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens with a slight glimmer of brilliance from his fellow countryman Jacques Brel.


Weser Kurier, 11-11-11

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