The Monotrol Kid


November has been a great month for The Monotrol Kid. The release of  "My Talk My Song" on the 5th of December in Germany is confirmed and alongside this we received some great news! Timezone have signed up with us to release our next album as well which is fantastic news! We are already including new material in the setlists so listen out for them during the upcoming shows.
At the moment we are getting ready to play a series of concerts around the official release date in Germany. Check out the Tour dates for details.


A big thank you to everybody who attended the concerts during the last German Solo tour.
Many thanks for the support and kind words. Enjoy the live recording of the latest single Funeral Blues shot @ Radio Weser TV in Bremen.

We are very proud to announce that the official release off 
"My Talk My Song" in Germany is on the 5th of December. From around this date we will back in Germany for a series of release concerts, excact dates and places will be posted soon.

We are getting ready to hit the road again.
Looking forward to present "My Talk My Song" to new audiences in M√ľnster, Dortmund, Trier, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Kiel, Verden and Bremen.

Check out the Tour dates page for details.


Check out the first review we received on our upcoming album and we are adding booking new shows.


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